Moser Story Title
Moser motto is "the finest possible craftsmanship with the purest stone, in a design to best enhance the stone & create a harmonies balance".

Bruno Moser is a Swiss jeweller with the idea that quality is everything. All pieces of jewellery are hand crafted using the finest of metals, 18ct gold and platinum.
The diamonds used are top white and excellent cut, to enhance the miniature sculptures that the Moser Family are known for. The sculptures made by the Mosers use many types of gemstone materials, the main being opal.
From 1952 the Moser family lived in the opal mining fields of Andamooka, Australia, from where they exported opals to Japan, the USA and Europe. As the Moser stones became more popular, other gemstones were used including sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet and quartz.
With these stones the Moser sculptural jewellery was born and images of wind, water and the flow of nature became their characteristic style, with each jewellery design being guided by the flow and balance of the sculptured stones.
Individual pieces made with the sculptured gemstones are becoming collector's items while we also make repeat lines in simple designs for younger clients.
Now Moser jewellery is exhibited and sold worldwide in galleries, shops and department stores, along with larger gemstones and bonze sculptures, which adorn public reception areas and private homes.
The jewellery is created by a team of experts, highly skilled jewellers, designers and polishers for whom only the best will do. There are two gemmologists and an award winning diamond grader among them.
Moser Jewellery is slowly becoming better known in the world of Jewellery, and they look forward to an exciting future.